Being a Christian woman the founder  was looking for a scent with a good spirit behind it. Her love for a beautiful atmosphere  caused her to be intentional about the decor, the scent, and the ambiance of her space. She felt that if she felt that way someone else had the same longing. Divine Scents was birthed during meditation in the secret place.
The founder sees herself in these Biblical characters. Her journey of salvation mimics a Rehab to Esther like transformation. Like Hannah she had to release her desire to be in control through persevering in prayer and waiting upon the Lord. Her courage to step into the unknown  resembles that of David’s. We serve an intentional God!


The world has created a myth on how we are supposed to conduct ourselves in the bedroom producing an unrealistic vibe that many try to emulate. Sophia realized the importance of being intentional about what we bring into our marriage bedrooms. Esther was created as a scent for intimacy with your partner. Think, the favor of Esther. Creating the type of spiritual vibe that respects and honors your marriage bedroom.


Often in life we are faced with situations that appear  to be too big or too powerful for us to deal with, but when you look at men like David; no situation, sin, insecurity, or rejection was ever too big for his GOD. This scent  is meant to awaken the god in you. To create a Spirit filled atmosphere that inspires a Holy Spirit boldness to face whichever giant standing before you.


Everyone loves a fresh start! The freeing feeling of a new beginning.  Have you ever been in a season of unworthiness? Felt the constant weight of falling from grace? Battled through a season of  failing to accomplish your set goals? What if  someone walked up to you during those seasons offering you a fresh start? This is the Rehab scent. A fresh aroma that reminds you that it is okay to start over. With no trace of the challenging past. REDEMPTION!


It takes a certain level of vulnerability to give up or totally surrender our control, something that many of us struggle with. We see amazing surrender from Hannah when she realized that the will of God was greater than anything that she could pray or desire for herself. It was no longer about her once she accepted to surrender and be led by the Holy Spirit. Through this surrender the perfect will of God was manifested in her life.

Bridal Form